The DREAM Act to be voted on today

The DREAM Act was passed by the House Wednesday by a margin of 18 votes while the Senate is set to vote at 11 a. m. today. 

The act which has been in the works since 2001 would grant partial citizenship to illegal immigrant minors who have lived in the county for five years or more and complete at least two years in college or the military.

“I would be very surprised if this passed,” Michigan State University American political science professor Eric Juenke said.  “It is a very controversial piece of legislation.  I would be shocked because it is extremely controversial; many conservatives see this as back door amnesty. I don’t agree with that but they see this as was to reward illegal immigrants.”

While the controversial issue of immigration has been a hot topic in the country for years, five states already have implemented a policy like this one, including Texas and Oklahoma, Juenke said.

“I would say yes to something like this, people need a chance,” MSU junior Casey Chirte said.

The issue of immigration has been a hot topic for years and consistently splits legislators.

“This is an issue that traditionally has split republicans and President Bush was a good example of this, there are many republicans who belive we need immigration to stay economically competitive in the 1980s there was big amnesty,” Juenke said.  “Everybody recognizes an inconsistent immigration policy but instead of actually dealing with it we have this relive valve. Trying to implement a broader policy is hard and anything with width will be controversal.”


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