GROUP ONE: Breslin and Lyons win MSU Board of Trustee Seats

Republicians Brian Breslin and Mitch Lyons beat their democratic opponents winning seats on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees.

Mitch Lyons (photo courtesy of The State News)

Both new members enjoyed name recognition prior to Tuesday’s election.

Berslin—son of Jack Breslin for whom the Breslin Center is named—is a former MSU basketball player and a retired Meijer executive.  While Lyons is a former MSU football player who played in the NFL for seven seasons and now is a Member of the Meadowbrooke Group, a financial management firm.

The two former Spartan athletes beat their opponents by a thin margin Tuesday contributing to the state-wide Republican party sweep.  Despite the election of two republicans, the board still holds a democratic majority with a 5-3 make up, although according to Democratic board chairman Joel Ferguson decisions are made on a non-partisan level.

Brian Brelin (photo courtesy of The State News)

“We’ve always had a board who worked well together, and I assume we always will,” Ferguson said.

Both candidates say they plan to work together with the board for the betterment of the university by focusing on keeping tuition in check.

Kids are leaving the university and universities across the state, with a huge debt load,” Lyons said. “And, oftentimes, having to leave the state to try to go find a job to pay it off, and you know how life goes; once you’re gone, it’s tough to get back. I would just commit to not raising the tuition rate higher than the inflation rate. Now, that being said, inflation’s been awfully low, and I’m a little fearful that it might rear its ugly head here in the near future, but I think we have to we owe that to the residents of Michigan.”

(sources: WKAR and The State News)


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