A ‘Rocking’ Mayor

When Mayor Leon Clark was young he hoped he would be writing an article like this, not reading one.

The Mason mayor of five years and city council member of 18 years never saw himself becoming involved in politics, instead be had childhood aspirations of becoming a journalist.

“I wanted to study journalism but that path didn’t happen,” he said.  “When most kids went to college I was in the (U.S.) Army and I was and married before I got out, so I had to work and support a family.”

A lifelong Mason resident, Clark owned a local restaurant before making the decision to get involved with city government in response to disagreement with the state of Mason at the time.

“In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d want to be involved in city government,” Clark said.  “I was a longtime small business owner, I never thought I’d be a politician.”

After beating the incumbent by a margin of one, Clark has served as Mayor since 2005, however long before serving his community as mayor, he served as a member of the volunteer fire department.

“He’s been with the department for longer than I have,” Mason Fire Chief Kerry Minshall said. “We both grew up here in Mason so we’ve know each other for a while, in one respect he’s my boss as a city employee and on the other hand I’m his boss when it comes to the fire department.”

A member of the department for 30 years, Clark gives back to his community in more ways than one.

“He is a very community oriented person, he doesn’t have to be around as much as he is, but it is all the little stuff he does that makes Mason the quaint little town that it is and he a huge is a part of that,” Minshall said.

A visible member of his community, in addition to mayor Clark is commonly known as guitarist for the community’s six-piece classic rock band, The Blackwoods.

“The Blackwoods band has been a staple in our community for years, a lot of people in town associate him with his music,” Minshall said.  “ Even though he’s the mayor he still sports the long hair and that’s the part of Leon that still screams ‘music Leon’.”

Whether performing weddings or with his band, Clark is dedicated to his Mason community.

“I appreciate what he has done and tries to do for the city,” Minshall said, “We could use more people like him who are passionate and truly care about the city of Mason.”


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